Grant Keller Weddings

We capture every detail of the sights and sound of your wedding day. A video offers the unique ability to record more than just a single image and is something you will cherish forever. Our Wedding "films" show you everything you missed while you were busy getting ready behind the scenes.

VHS to DVD Transfer

The VHS format is not only out of style, it’s out of date – it’s getting harder and harder to find a VCR and VHS tapes get worn out over time. We can transfer all of your "priceless" memories to a DVD that can be played in any player or computer!
Special Event DVDs

A DVD of your child's birthday party great way to capture your precious memories. From eating their first cake to a slide show of pictures from their first year...We put it together in a personalized DVD case like you would see it on a store shelf! Let us do the filming and you enjoy the party!
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